About Dr. Mack Jafari

For those who dont already know Dr. Siamak Mack Jafari is considered a top dentist in the Bay Area.  His practices including Sky Dental provide a broad array of full service dentistry ranging from Pediatric dentistry, to cosmetics, to orthodontics and oral surgery.  His staff is highly regarded and works to make it very convenient for patients who are busy running their lives.

Mack Jafari grew up in Northern California and provides a unique perspective on servicing residents of the Bay Area.  He enjoys the world class culture of Oakland and San Francisco and is an avid sportsman.  He is an outdoor enthusiast and bikes, hikes and loves exploring the Bay Area.  Mack Jafari knows helping patients achieve a bright smile will play a large positive role in their confidence taking on life’s challenges.  If you see Dr. Mack Jafari out, please give him a smile.  I hope you enjoy learning more about him and some leading dental trends on this platform.


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