Dentist Mack Jafari on healthy habits

MackJafariDentistIn today’s day and age people are trying all kinds of new diets such as gluton free, low carb, Atkins, low fat and others.  The constant stream of new diets is a challenge for leading dentists like Dr. Mack Jafari.  Dr. Jafari views changing lifestyles and habits as a positive if his patients eat less sugary foods and more balanced diets.  However, his dental team advises on regular trips to the office for professional cleaning.  Busy working professionals often skip brushing and even foods not perceived as sugary can create plaque deposits if there is not thorough brushing.  His dental team focuses not only treating existing problems such as cavities with fillings, root canals and other complex procedures, but also on education.  Dr. Jafari views his patient’s time as a valuable commodity and believes it is important for his team to educate patients about how a few easy steps like regular flossing can prevent big prolems like gum disease down the road.

Over the years his team has created very happy patients with the glowing smiles to prove the quality of their work.  Strong reviews on Yelp for Dr. Mack Jafari can be read here: Dental Reviews.


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