Dr. Mack Jafari and Invisalign







As a multi-speciality dental leader, the practices of Dr. Siamak Mack Jafari work to provide patients a wide range of the most innovative and cutting edge dental solutions.  Insivalign,  a leader in providing a more transparent less visually obvious form of braces fits right in.  No one needs to know that as a patient you are getting braces.  Unlike the movie characters of the 1980s, modern technology has created an amazing opportunity to get your teeth straightened without the usual social concerns.

Invisalign is a newer clear form of braces that is both safe and effective.  Dr. Mack Jafari’s team is trained and provides expert care and fitting for this novel technology.  Unlike older metal braces, Invisalign takes a much more modern approach to braces.  Costs are reasonable and if the patient is compliant the time needed for results is extremely competitive.

Dr. Siamak Mack Jafari’s team can help you track your progress and go over a range of options to ensure your personalized approach works best.    You could become the next success story for Invisalign, so don’t wait check to see if you are a strong candidate for this impressive modern technology.

Find out about how comfortable, cost effective and most importantly effective this solution can be for you.





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