The Bay Area and Dentistry

The bay area is truly a unique place for Mack Jafari.  Growing up in Northern California and having the opportunity to then also practice has been a dream.  There are some unique challenges that the Bay Area affords.  First, its probably one of the most desirable areas to live in the entire United States.  Our climate is very temperate,  and the summers are just gorgeous.  The hills, mountains, trees and bay form one of the most picturesque settings of anywhere in the world.  Perhaps only matched by an international city like Vancouver.  While a marine layer of fog can sometimes make it challenging to drive, overall I am thrilled to practice here.

San Francisco and the bay area are one of the busiest and highest growth places around.  Our residents are busy and dont have time to spend waiting to see a dentist.  Dr. Mack Jafari makes sure to listen to his patients and provide flexible scheduling options.

A particularly challenging aspect of the Bay Area, but also a benefit is the world class food and proximity to Napa Valley.  Red wine contains  alcohol and sugar which can destroy enamel over time.

At the practices of Dr. Mack Jafari, we realize residents still want to take advantage of the world class food and help advise them a comprehensive dental plan to ensure a long lasting smile.



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